HIKO Social Login

HIKO Social Login is a Shopify app that enables customers to login / register shop in social network accounts. 20 social media are integrated. The key features include:

  • Integrate major social networks
  • Flexible style customization
  • Multiple languages support
  • Login statistics and customer report
  • Automatic login wizard installation or customizable in theme
  • Responsive design for all devices
  • Display social account avatar

Benefits of social account login

  • Rapid login / register: using social network login, customers can easily single click to complete the whole registration, activation and login steps. It will help in boosting login / register rate.
  • Gain more direct contacts to customers: customer’s name and email will be saved in shop’s member database. Merchants have more direct contacts to customers for marketing and service purposes.
  • Spam reduction: via trust worthy social networks, customers’ identities should have been verified properly. It is more likely to reduce fake identities and spammers.

Key features of HIKO social login

Integrate major social media

Have Already integrated with Google, Google One Tap, Facebook, Apple Twitter, Amazon, TikTok, Snapchat, Spotify, Microsoft, Yahoo, LINE, Twitch, Discord, Kakao, Naver, Tumblr, VK, Yandex, LinkedIn, GitHub, etc. Further more integrations are on the way.

Flexible style customization

Merchants can customize login button shapes, sizes, radius, colors, location of wizard, and more. The app provides five different shapes that are suite for different styles of shops: round button, icon+label button, center aligned button, right aligned button, and label only button. Please see the examples in the below.

By default, login wizard will be displayed in login / registration form. Merchants can configure the wizard displayed at top or bottom of login / registration form.

Most of button styles are configurable, such as choices of icon, button background color, button size, margin.

Multiple languages support

Shopify allows merchants to enable multiple languages in shop setting. By default, button’s language will be displayed according to shop’s primary language (see store languages in shop’s setting). If shop creates separate URLs for translated multiple language (ex. /jp, /ko, /zh, etc), the app can automatically analyze URL’s locale and display the language accordingly. So shops enable multiple languages are supported.

The app has defined languages of English, Chinese, Japan, and Korean. Merchants can define or customize the languages in the app.

Login statistics and customer report

The app provides two reports, daily login statistics within 10 days, and customer inquiry / export.

Automatic login wizard installation or customizable in theme

By default, login wizard will be displayed in login / registration form. Merchants can also specify the installation location by placing “hiko-container” tag in store’s themes (see shop’s theme liquid files).

Responsive design for all devices

The app follows responsive web design to fit all devices’ display automatically.

Display social account avatar

Under the social network authorization consent of access customer’s avatar, login via the app will display customer’s avatar in account page and heading in the shop.

Flexible subscription plans

Free plan

  • 18 free social media
  • Customer reports
  • 30 logins per day
  • Has powered by link

Professional plan

  • Unlimited logins
  • Custom social API keys
  • Multi-languages
  • Custom CSS
  • Has powered by link

Premium plan

  • All Professional features
  • Sign in with Apple
  • Google One Tap
  • Multipass
  • No powered by link